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Chocolate coated chickpeas
Grumpy snacks crunchy dry roasted chickpeas coated in chocolate ingredients and typical nutrition information vegan gluten free
Chocolate coated chickpeas

Chocolate coated chickpeas

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Crunchy dry roasted chickpeas coated in chocolate - 40g packet

High in protein    Gluten free
High in fibre    Vegan

Our chickpeas are dry roasted* before being coated in vegan chocolate

*Dry roasting is just that: dry. There is no oil on the chickpeas whilst they are roasting. Nuts etc are often roasted (or fried) in oil, which adds calories. Additionally, this oil is often re-used; which gives it carcinogenic potential. There is no oil used on this product at any stage of the process

Our ingredients are all natural - no funny stuff!