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About Us

I am snacking. ALWAYS snacking. 'Cause in the blink of an eye, hungry becomes grumpy. And then no one is safe, especially Tim (my partner). Snacks are the reason our relationship has survived (and why I still have any friends). But the ready-to-eat healthier alternatives are hard to find. This is why Grumpy Snacks was born and why we’ve dedicated ourselves to mastering the art of chickpea roasting.
This little legume packs a nutritional punch, and we spent months in our kitchen perfecting the crunch. Our chickpeas are dry roasted and small fractions of oil and spices are added thereafter, or they are coated in dairy-free vegan chocolate. We use only natural ingredients and each step has been developed to ensure maximum nutrition is available for absorption.
This one’s for the snackers out there. We hope it makes you a little less grumpy too.
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